3D printers are the future of rapid prototyping


The three dimensional or 3D printers are the efficient and professional devices that can produce data sources with effective size, speed and resolution. This professional system is very innovative to use for individuals which are specifically designed by manufacturing departments. The 3D printers can be categorized in different ways that includes design series, production series, idea series and dental series. Every series of printing device can be used for different purposes that give effective results to the users. These printers are working faster, quicker and becoming more cost effective to use as time goes on.

The toner costs are important to keep in mind when you choosing the type of printer and the rate of toner cartridges could be vary depending up on printers. It is one of the multi-functioning machines that performs various functions like printing, faxing and photocopying. Today the printers are an essential part of day-to-day life that can be used for printing bills, hard copies or any other information. The benefits of using 3D printers are the low cost of raw materials because it can be made with plastic products with many manufacturing techniques. However, these printers are very simple to use and contains unlimited design options and features to produce elegant results.

How do 3D printers work efficiently?

The 3D printer is similar to the inkjet printer which is operated from s computer and builds up layers with a 3D model. In this printer there is no need to use ink; rather it deposits layers of molten plastic in the existing structure with the form of ultraviolet light. When compared to other manufacturing techniques the 3D printing is very efficient to use. The advantages of using 3D printers are to work 10 times faster than other methods of printing. Still, the cost of this printer is very high but it is safe and reliable to use so it can be widely used in many environments such as designing, engineering schools and many other places.

Services and applications of 3D printers

The 3D printing device is typically a very expensive prototyping device that delivers an object or data source in the form of a digital file. Most of the companies are using these kind of printers for various purposes that includes business to business, designing models and so on. The great benefits of this printer are that they are less time consuming – it is faster and quicker to produce client presentations in the most effective way. These kinds of printing devices are also used in the following fields such as medical, entertainment, industry, dental, art, aerospace, aviation, automotive, personal printing services and so on.

The most common technologies that are used in 3D printers are fused deposition modeling and selective laser sintering. These printers are easy to create objects by blending each layer together and producing the desired result as three dimensional objects. The 3D printer is capable of producing outputs with various colors and different materials which is helpful for enhancing the functional products.
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The future of the automotive industry: self driving cars



We’ve all been there. Everyone is facing urgent situations such as rushing around to reach the post office on time before it closes, to reach the grocery store for making your purchase and so on. In such situations they have to drive the vehicle while their mind was on something else. This urgency may lead to slight accidents by hitting the vehicle in front of them. The only solution for this issue is paying attention. The most common reason of traffic accidents is the driver error caused by driving the vehicle with cell phones or enjoying the music system. The technology has taken an unexpected turn and has advanced to replace the drivers. Automakers are developing self-driving cars that enable the car to drive themselves. This system is existing in pre safe and self parking systems. Let us see the technology used behind this type of car operating with less input from the drivers.

Google reveals its first self driving car built from scratch

Google has revealed its fully functioning road legal model of driverless car. The major plan was to make a car that was completely driverless. Due to new rules of California these test cars should have manual controls such as pedals and steering so that a driver can drive if needed. At first glance, the new model looks similar to the model released in May but there are some significant changes. The new one has working headlights. The hump on the car roof houses LIDAR hardware. This new prototype comes with a set of human controls on steering, pedals, wheels, etc. Test vehicles should allow for immediate manual control in order to prevent roads from being flooded with driverless cars.

How driverless cars avoid obstacles on the road

The first company that does serious testing on the consumer oriented self driving car platform is Google. The car of Google uses several advanced hardware. Finding and driving on the road is not enough. It should be able to find and avoid obstacles on the drive way. The driverless car should find obstacles such as cars, cyclists and pedestrians. Google’s car uses detection technologies such as stereo cameras, radar, lasers and sonar devices. Each of these technologies serves different purposes.

The LIDAR or laser remote sensing technology is the heart of detecting the objects. This system uses laser to a range around 100 meters. This system bounces a beam and determines the distance by measuring the reflection. Google uses the velodyne 64 beam laser and it can rotate to 360 degrees. It can make 1.3 million readings in a second and thus making it the versatile sensor of the car. Google also mounts cameras around the car’s exterior. These cameras will help the system in tracking the distance of the objects in real time.

The LIDAR system is not ideal to monitor the nearby car’s speed in real time. Radars are used on the back and front bumper to generate the clean map of the vehicle’s surrounding. The software of Google integrates all data from the remote sensing systems in order to build the map of car’s position.

Enjoy virtual reality with the innovative Oculus Rift


Today, we’re excited to be talking about the latest revolution in portable virtual reality. With the Oculus Rift, games can be played with varying comfort zones due to the advanced optics and feedback technologies provided by the Rift. Different versions are also available and users can view high resolution environments with ease and clarity. Rotational and positional tracking of the headset provides full freedom to the users and they can walk, stand and sit around the room without issues. Rift is a head-mounted display and it uses OLED display technology to give provide people with a unique experience. Watching 3D movies with the Oculus Rift is an exciting experience that you have to take part in to fully appreciate the beauty of. It is one of the best equipment to be used in holidays to play games and watch movies. Virtual reality movies can be perceived as real life with the use of this innovative new technology.

Best features of VR rift:

A custom optic system is used in the Rift to provide incredible visual treats with low-persistence display work. Display and optics of the Oculus Rift is designed specifically for VR and will provide a wide field of view. Some people will even say it is a magical system with the constellation tracking system and it gives sensation of presence. A customizable and adaptable design structure is used in this rift and it can be used by different kinds of people very easily. Oculus rift is also considered as a future of virtual entertainment because of its excellent features.

High end technology used in the system:

There is huge competition among people to buy the Rift because of advanced technologies used in it. Positional 3D audio and surface-mounted sensors will allow motion tracking with the use of small IR cameras. A new dial in the rift can adjust the lens distance according to their face and this can be used by people with many different shapes and sizes of faces. The Rift will accommodate movement easily and another good feature is that it has a good gaming wireless controller to offer entertainment. Individuals can travel into another room with motion sensing and tracking. A slightly different design has been followed in it and provides a virtual space to interact clearly. Possible freedom is given to fingers with the touch used in the rift. As it makes sensing fast, physical controls can be completed without issues.

Though full room-wandering freedom isn’t yet given to users, some basic motion in room is allowed. The touch work of the Rift is still in progress but touch controls will surely provide better feeling to customers. Developers have created the oculus rift by understanding the demands and expectations of the next generation.

Mobile Mechatronics iPhone Tripod!

Check out our promo video for our old product, the world’s first iPhone tripod! This device was designed to allow users to take advantage of the relatively high resolution cameras that iPhones come equipped with. No need for blurry pictures now that your phone is held in place for you!

The Apple Smart Watch: The beginning of a new era in mobile technology

screen shot 2014-11-19 at 2.02.18 pm.pngApple is the most famous technological brand in the world and has provided many models of smart phones, tablets and computers. Now it has introduced a new model of smart watches; they are simply superb and will work even when underwater! The best part about the Apple smart watch is that it is beautifully constructed so that people will not find any flaws in it. It is very compact and easy to carry everywhere; the device is featured with well built software and thousands of applications. Thus we can use the smart watch just like a smart phone and access all kind of information in it.



Emergence of new productions of the Apple wristwatch

One of the most exciting new mobile technologies is the smart watch, a device that looks like a normal watch but has some of the functionality of the latest smartphones. Once you see the immense benefits that this smart watch has to offer you will not want to miss this great product. With the Apple watch, you can obtain two diverse ranges of sizes for both men and women. Different kinds of straps with attractive color designs will satisfy customers in high range. This wrist watch will win the hearts of customers very easily. Excellence in appearance and functionality have created a huge demand in the online world. Compared to other watches you can obtain, the smart look combined with extensive features has quickly made the Apple watch a leader in this industry. In the future, it will likely be the most popular product because of its stylish look and lightweight aspects. It will create a new lifestyle on the smart watch technology.

Features of the smart watch

The elegant creation of wrist watches by Apple offers extraordinary features and benefits. Enhanced user friendly interface in the Apple watch is the main reason for its popularity. It doesn’t look much different from others, but excels in the interior design behind the scenes. The UI and embedded iOS will absolutely add extra credits to the watch. You can rearrange the icons as per your convenience. The sensitive touch screen will direct you to press the digital screen so that you can easily modify the features of watch. The sound and haptic settings in the wristwatch help you to obtain a customized vibration effect. It is considered the most important feature for this exclusive time piece. You just press the digital crown which is integrated on the side and the button under it to take a snapshot. With the help of watch menus you can turn on the voice recognition system. It will help you to make calls and to acquire diverse applications in a second. It is best suited for both right hand and left hand users because you can simply alter the UI by relating the watch straps accordingly.

Native watch apps on your wrist

The main benefit of this apple timepiece is the backup facility. The inbuilt local backup process in the watch assists you to defend your personal data in a secure way. If you format your applications and modify your default settings unexpectedly then you can recover all the data with the help of this truly exceptional characteristic. You can even utilize this watch as medical equipment with the help of Bluetooth expertise. The technology has the capability to take health readings comparable to a stand alone appliance. You can determine your own blood pressure level with the help of heart rate detector which is established in the Bluetooth technology. Skilled manufacturers can make use of this great feature for further development in the apple wristwatch. These smart watches are the future of phones; they have wonderful seamless extensions which can be connected to any number of apple devices. The apple operating system remains the best by offering the best quality of environment friendly applications. The watch also has Apple pay which is a secure mobile payment gateway which allows us to pay for any apps or to purchase things in ecommerce sites. However, there have been a few complaints from early adopters of the new smart watch. There is lots of wasted storage space in the device and it could be utilized for something beneficial. Many people felt that the screen is too large and it could be reduced for compact usage.Overall, the reviews of this device have been positive and we recommend checking it out for yourself!

iPhone Keyboard Product Demo

Check out this product demo for the Mobile Mechatronics keyboard! This product was released five years ago and was our first technology released. This was the first of it’s kind – at the time there were no other physical keyboards available for the iPhone. We’re excited to get back to working on new products for our dedicated customers!


Welcome to Mobile Mechatronics

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